Hard Water Restoration in Amarillo, TX - Bushland, TX and Dumas, TX

Make Your Cloudy Windows Easier to See Through

Hire us for professional window cleaning to get rid of your foggy window problem in Amarillo, Bushland, Dumas & Plainview, TX

If your sprinklers or hoses are churning out hard water, mineral deposits could be staining your windows. William's Window Cleaning knows how to undo the damage and restore your windows to crystal clarity.

Hard water is called "hard" because of the presence of minerals like limestone, magnesium and calcium. When these minerals settle, they harden and form a haze that results in foggy windows.

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Act now before your windows are irreparably damaged

The calcium deposits from hard water can harden and permanently damage your windows. If you have foggy windows, reach out to us for restoration services before you need to have your windows completely replaced. We'll remove the mineral deposits from your windows to make sure that the panes are clean and clear.

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